Reviews for the Black Oak series:

★★★★★ “Amazing….a must read for any dark romance fan!! The writing was exceptional and the plot blew me away. I was enthralled from the very first page till the last.” – K (Amazon UK reviewer)

★★★★★ “Passion and suspense pour off the page.” – G. W. (Goodreads reviewer)

A fast paced read with intriguing characters. The protagonist is just flawed enough to be relatable. The author paints a vivid picture of Manhattan life with a wit that flows through the story. There’s depth and detail here that you don’t always get in a romantic suspense. A burgeoning relationship, a secret and sinister society and a dangerous ex with a hold over the female lead… I’ll be looking forward to the next in the series.  – J. H-K (Facebook reviewer)

★★★★★Wow….where do I start with this book? I’m a huge fan of dark romance, with strong dominating alpha heroes and even stronger heroines who put them through their paces…and OMG you get that and a whole lot more with this story!!! The writing was exceptional and the plot blew me away, I was enthralled from the very first page till the last. This is a story of love, friendship and most of all betrayal. If you are a fan of dark romance, with hot sizzling sex scenes, broody controlling alpha heroes and one strong woman fighting to keep her sanity and heart intact then you need to read this book now!!! – K (Amazon UK reviewer)

★★★★★ Um….WOW! Is just one of the words to describe this book. I started reading this morning and just finished! It has been a while since I’ve had a book to keep me all in, the whole time. I can’t make my mind up about who I’m rooting for. Both men have the power to knock any woman off her game. Mentally, physically and emotionally.” – J. (Goodreads reviewer)

★★★★★Wow. Just wow. When I bought this book, which I learnt about via a Facebook recommendation, never could I anticipate the thrill it would be to read it. I have read hundreds of stories of this genre right when the market was flooded with them. I thought I had read it all. Boy was I wrong. This story did more than hold my attention. It gripped me completely, had me breathless in awe, excitement, fear and trepidation. This is stage 5, cling on to the edge of you seat reading. I was mesmerized by the characters. The main male characters are complicated, secretive, passionate, gorgeous men that are not afraid of their desires, or how they get them. The leading guy is unapologetically dominant and does anything to get what he wants. The leading lady is no pushover, but is a character I find that doesn’t give up on what she believes in and will fight for those she gives her heart to. She was frustrating but tenacious. And she had balls.

This story will not be for everyone. The author warns you of what is in the content of this book. She does not lie. She does not sugar coat it. What she warns you about is exactly what you will get. What you won’t know until you give this story a go, is the emotional and ragged rollercoaster ride you will be taken on. Swept away by this intriguing cast and the breathtaking storyline. I am telling you, you must really try this story. It has every single emotion you could possibly experience crammed into a few hundred pages. It will leave you gasping for breath and desperate for more. I usually stay away from trilogies until the last book is released, but I simply had to read this book. The second instalment will be worth the agonising wait I am sure.

So glad I cam across this new author. Cannot wait for the next book in this trilogy. Eternally grateful that I got the chance to read Enter the Black Oak. 5 ginormous stars. – T. (Amazon reviewer)

★★★★★ Wow Wow wow!!

Monique Edenwood just went to the top of my one-click authors just wow she has crafted a hauntingly beautiful story of betrayal, sex lies and self discovery..

This is by far the best suspenseful erotic book I have ever read. It was so compelling with a ingeniously written dialogue and explosive chemistry. Just amazing I couldn’t get enough of these characters.. with so many twist and turns..

I’m completely enthralled and infatuated by this book. It was so thrilling it took my breath away..

Let me just talk about Jack for a minute that man is alpha deliciousness you will love him then hate him then want to drop your panties for him and hate him some more he is and Enigma with so many secrets.. Then there is Cam and there is something about him that draws you to him but is he to good to be true. And then there is the heroine Jess god I loved her character development through out this book she really shined throughout this book and I can’t wait for more she refused to stay in that victim mentality and I’m excited to see we’re her character goes in book two. – Goodreads reviewer

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