Riveting!” “Amazing!” “I want more!”

Enter The Black Oak
is a thrilling romantic suspense set in Manhattan and the first novel in the Black Oak series by author Monique Edenwood.

It will take you on a dangerous journey through lust, desire, betrayal and obsession that will leave you breathless by the end and desperate for more.

Enter The Black Oak is a full-length novel of over 133,000 words.

When Jessynia Avery discovers that her beautiful and dangerous husband, Jackson Wilder, has been cheating on her, her life changes forever, especially when she discovers that his mistresses are prominent and powerful women in Manhattan.

While trying to patch the broken pieces of her relationship back together, a former friend, and sworn enemy of Jack, blazes into her life. Jessynia hasn’t seen Cameron for years, ever since they fell out over her relationship with Jack. The youth and exuberant young man she knew from college has gone and in his place stands a man who is poised and powerful and devastating.

When Jessynia discovers more disturbing secrets and Jack’s secret life, it is Cameron who saves her, protects her and desires her more than any women he has ever known.

Unfortunately, rediscovering Cameron leads to Jessynia discovering some dark truths about a secret Manhattan society that threaten to tear her world apart.

“Falling for a man like Jackson Wilder was not something I had planned.

He was wild, experienced and savagely beautiful. He was also damaged and dangerous. Our love was a cosmic collision of lust and obsession that left me scorched by exquisite flames of desire and domination.

Jack possessed me. He educated me. Loving him was the greatest pleasure I’d ever known… up until the moment I discovered the dark secrets he had been hiding.

I could never have imagined that pulling myself out of the agony of betrayal would lead me to reconnect with a former friend, Cameron O’Neill, scion of one of Manhattan’s wealthiest and most powerful dynasties, and sworn enemy of Jack.

Cameron’s craving for me was acute. The relentless force of his devastating masculine beauty and his powerful, controlled virility was dizzying. Desire colored his fierce gaze. I knew it was wrong. Jack would never allow it. I had to do everything within my power to resist him, even when he pulled me down the rabbit hole where I uncovered dark truths about Manhattan’s most secret society that led me to the brink of madness…”

He possessed me. And educated me.

Embers of Black Oak is the fourth book in the Black Oak series, due out on September 12th 2021. 

His eyes blaze in a way that is new to me.

When they roam to my lips, it’s all I can do not to tremble.

He studies me as if tormented, as if the need to own my soul is all that exists.

The fervor of his yearning scorches my cells.

When he speaks, I feel myself succumbing to his deviant, seductive words. To his incomparable aura. To his power.

I observe his malevolence in fear, in fascination, desperate to understand how to soften the bonds of his trauma.

As the beast slowly unravels me, I see shards of someone who was once human.

They come to the surface and then retreat into the shadows, enslaved by demons who have no desire to let him go.

If I can reach him, I can liberate him, and liberate those around him.

I’ve always been willing to do whatever it takes to protect the people I love.

The question is, will I fall into darkness trying to save them?